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Management Consulting Services

Executive / Leadership Coaching

Designed for successful leaders who would like to expand their leadership effectiveness, for leaders who are preparing to move into or have recently taken on a new role and for leaders who are underperforming because of unproductive leadership behaviors. Time will be spent on enabling the leader to learn more about him/her self and what impact their behaviors are having on the organization. A mutually agreed on plan will be put together to address any areas requiring attention. Additional work will be completed to assist in the development of a career plan that will map a path from success to significance. A value, life balance, and career assessment will be incorporated in the process to create a comprehensive offering to maximize the value to the client.

Consensus Building Coaching

You will learn:
• How to understand your conflict mode.
• How to assess a conflict situation.
• How to deescalate challenging situations.
• How to turn difficult conversations into productive ones to develop amicable solutions.

Organizational Coaching

Designed to assess the current organization sturcture to determine if the critical success factors are in place to insure the organization is operating at the most efficient level. Organizational assessements are used to provide the basis for developing plans for change to address and organizational deficiencies. We specialize in corporate culture change and reengineering change projects at the organizational level

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We have options to create customized solutions to address your specific needs to maximize your opportunities.

Diversity Coaching

We will assign a coach to assist your leader in successful navigating the DEI environment.

Diversity , Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training

Includes: Where have we been? Where are we now and where do we need to go?

Where we have been?

• Provide an overview of the foundational pinnings for DEI.
• Consideration given to various lenses (i.e. Merit, Malice, Progress, Struggle)

Where are we now? 

• Self reflection on bias lenses.
• Overview neuroscience associated with DEI.
• Overview Organizational and Relational effect of Polorization.

Where do we need to Go?

Review components of a successful DEI program, (ie, Succesion plan,Resource Groups, Leadership Engagement).