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"Requesting help is a sign of leadership as well and as a mentor and friend, David has provided assistance and supported my growth professional development with an unyielding desire to help me define personal success and then achieve it - all while strengthening my resolve to live a legacy and not just leave one. His patient coaching style exudes wisdom envied by this business executive and now educator who understands his responsibility to build a better world. I am absolutely thrilled that David is intentional in his passion to professionally share his gifts with others. "
- Calvin Lyons, Chief Executive Officer, Boys and Girls Club

“As a newly promoted manager, I would like to thank you for your leadership and continued mentoring. Even when some days seem impossible, the coaching and training you provided helps me to push forward in my day-to-day task at work. Thank you for being that motivational link.”
- Samuel E. Caesar, MBA

“David is a valued coach and mentor.  His insights, knowledge and experience have enabled me to successfully navigate through both my personal and professional life.  David is always accessible and has a deep passion for helping me achieve my goals.  I can honestly say over the years my life has truly prospered.  David's gift for coaching coupled with his sincere compassion for others is just the formula needed to drive meaningful life change.”      
- Kim Cochran Director, Verizon Strategic Acquisition Channels
South/West Area